The „Green Deal“ as a new growth strategy for Europe

Envi­ron­men­tal degra­dati­on and cli­ma­te chan­ge are the major chal­len­ges of the 21st cen­tu­ry and obtain an exis­ten­ti­al thre­at to Euro­pe and the world. A new growth stra­te­gy is deman­ded with the aim at a modern and resour­ce-effi­ci­ent eco­no­my. A pro­mi­sing road­map for the future should be the Euro­pean Green Deal. On the one hand, the mea­su­res inclu­de the coping with cli­ma­te and envi­ron­men­tal chal­len­ges, but they also offer the oppor­tu­ni­ty to crea­te jobs and prosperity.

But not only in Euro­pe the­re are plans for a sus­tainab­le future. In the USA, the­re is also a simi­lar mea­su­re, the Green New Deal. It is advo­ca­ted by the young and dyna­mic Con­gress­wo­man Alex­an­dria Oca­sio-Cor­tez, among others, who tog­e­ther with Sena­tor Ed Mar­key sub­mit­ted a cor­re­spon­ding bill in 2019 [1, 2]. Howe­ver, this did not make it past Con­gress. Nevertheless, the still young Biden admi­nis­tra­ti­on has reco­gni­zed its poten­ti­al and can now use it as a blue­print for its own cli­ma­te poli­cy [3, 4].

In Euro­pe, it is the von der Ley­en Com­mis­si­on that has embraced the idea of the Green Deal [5]. And the Euro­pean Green Deal is ambi­tious. Euro­pe is to beco­me the first cli­ma­te-neu­tral con­ti­nent, releasing no net green­house gas emis­si­ons by 2050. The Green Deal inclu­des an action plan, a cli­ma­te pro­tec­tion law and a who­le seri­es of con­cre­te mea­su­res, some of which have alrea­dy been adop­ted by the EU.

With the visi­on to build a sus­tainab­le, regio­nal fish farm, SEAWATER is also addres­sing how we can inte­gra­te our­sel­ves into a resour­ce-effi­ci­ent eco­no­my as a com­pa­ny. At this point, the fol­lowing ques­ti­on natu­ral­ly arises:

How does the SEAWATER concept align with the European Green Deal?

The con­cept of SEAWATER Cubes addres­ses 2 aims of the Action Plan:

  • The imple­men­ta­ti­on of the „From farm to fork“ stra­te­gy [6]
  • The imple­men­ta­ti­on of the “EU Bio­di­ver­si­ty Stra­te­gy for 2030” [7].

The action plan | Source: [8]

From „Farm to fork“ strategy:
  1. Maxi­mi­ze fresh­ness, redu­ce food waste
  2. Opti­mi­ze food quality
  3. Mini­mi­ze transport
  4. Impro­ve ani­mal welfare
EU Biodiversity strategy
  1. Pre­ser­ving bio­di­ver­si­ty in natu­ral waters
  2. Pre­vent pol­lu­ti­on of the seas
  3. Avo­id­ance of anti­bio­tics use
  4. Redu­cing cli­ma­te chan­ge and its effects

Due to the com­ple­xi­ty and impor­t­ance of the­se stra­te­gies, we will dedi­ca­te a sepa­ra­te blog post to each of them and address the indi­vi­du­al points in more detail.

Further information about fully-automated fish farming?


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Pic­tu­re source: Euro­pean Uni­on, 2019 | © MicroO­ne #305386384; 2019. Source:


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