How it all began

From study to research

The idea for the SEAWATER Cube was born dur­ing our many years of research work as a sci­en­tif­ic employ­ee in the aqua­cul­ture lab­o­ra­to­ry at htw saar. In a mul­ti­tude of projects we have acquired com­pre­hen­sive knowl­edge about the breed­ing of fish in gen­er­al and about high­ly tech­ni­cal, closed recir­cu­la­tion sys­tems in par­tic­u­lar. The expe­ri­ence we gained showed us how a fish farm has to be designed in order to be sta­ble, effi­cient and there­fore eco­nom­i­cal. Over time, the desire arose to set up our own com­pa­ny and build small, stan­dard­ised fish farms that were one step ahead of oth­er sup­pli­ers through inten­sive research.

Exist transfer of research

Exist Research Trans­fer is a pro­gramme of the Fed­er­al Min­istry of Eco­nom­ics and Ener­gy and the Euro­pean Social Fund which pro­motes par­tic­u­lar­ly inno­v­a­tive and risky prod­uct ideas with high poten­tial, but at the same time still high research demand. Fund­ing is aimed at research teams from uni­ver­si­ties and non-uni­ver­si­ty research insti­tu­tions and cov­ers the financ­ing of a max­i­mum of four staff posi­tions and mate­r­i­al expens­es. The pro­gramme is divid­ed into two phas­es: The aim of the first phase is devel­op­ment work to demon­strate tech­ni­cal fea­si­bil­i­ty, the devel­op­ment of a pro­to­type, a func­tion­ing busi­ness mod­el and final­ly the estab­lish­ment of a tech­nol­o­gy start-up. In the sec­ond phase, fur­ther devel­op­ment work, mea­sures to com­mence busi­ness activ­i­ties and the cre­ation of the con­di­tions for exter­nal com­pa­ny financ­ing will be sup­port­ed.

Fur­ther infor­ma­tion can be found here.

The desire to make a difference

We all like to eat well and healthy. The hol­i­day stays at the coast showed us again and again the high qual­i­ty of life, which is insep­a­ra­bly con­nect­ed with espe­cial­ly fresh and untreat­ed food, espe­cial­ly from the sea. With a new prod­uct — the region­al sea fish — we also want to bring part of this hol­i­day feel­ing to areas far from the coast. We have there­fore applied for an exist­ing research trans­fer in order to devel­op our pro­to­type for breed­ing sea fish and to pre­pare the mar­ket entry. This fund­ing was suc­cess­ful­ly award­ed to us in Octo­ber 2017 by the Fed­er­al Min­istry of Eco­nom­ics and Ener­gy. The impor­tance of this top­ic is under­lined by the fact that the expert com­mis­sion even offered us 24 months instead of the usu­al 18 months of project dura­tion in order to ensure the suc­cess of the project.
“Inno­va­tion is the abil­i­ty to see change as an oppor­tu­ni­ty, not a threat.” (Steve Jobs)

A few numbers

Dur­ing the EXIST research trans­fer, we moved and installed a lot of mate­r­i­al for the con­struc­tion of our pro­to­type. We had a total of around 800,000 euros at our dis­pos­al, of which about one third was ear­marked for mate­r­i­al resources. We have also acquired many new skills dur­ing this time.
  • Saw­ing met­al — 70%
  • Weld­ing plas­tics — 83%
  • Lay­ing pipes — 95%

tons aluminium

PE panels

M Power cable

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