Aquaculture of the future

​The SEAWATER Cube is the first com­pact and stan­dar­di­sed fish farm that can pro­du­ce high qua­li­ty sea fish on land.

Compact and standardized

The aquacul­tu­re indus­try has so far been cha­rac­te­ri­sed by lar­ge-volu­me indi­vi­du­al pro­jec­ts, which are often asso­cia­ted with high invest­ment and plan­ning costs as well as a high sus­cep­ti­bi­li­ty to errors. With the SEAWATER Cube we are taking a com­ple­te­ly dif­fe­rent approach. We have deve­lo­ped a stan­dar­di­zed sys­tem in which the indi­vi­du­al com­pon­ents are ide­al­ly matched to each other and desi­gned for maxi­mum pro­duc­tivi­ty and effi­ci­en­cy. Our Cube is inte­gra­ted into three inter­con­nec­ted ship con­tai­ners on a floor space of 100 m². This com­pact con­cept is modu­lar and fle­xi­b­ly repro­du­ci­ble. We manu­fac­tu­re the sys­tem in small series. This results in fixed invest­ment costs and pre­dic­ta­ble deli­very times for you.

Fully automated

With its inno­va­ti­ve auto­ma­ti­on con­cept, the SEAWATER Cube takes over all con­trol and moni­to­ring tasks and ensu­res that the desi­red pro­cess para­me­ters are ensu­red. Auto­ma­ti­on enab­les vir­tual­ly unat­ten­ded plant ope­ra­ti­on and redu­ces the workload for the plant ope­ra­tor to an average of 1.5 hours per day. In addi­ti­on, the Cube is inte­gra­ted into a com­pa­ny-owned cloud and com­mu­ni­ca­tes with our SEAWATER sys­tem head­quar­ters via modern telecon­trol sys­tems. This means that all data is avail­ab­le to us in real time, enab­ling us to pro­vi­de you with the best pos­si­ble sup­port in your pro­duc­tion pro­cess. Final­ly, ope­ra­ting errors are avoi­ded and pro­cess and pro­duc­tion sta­bi­li­ty are increa­sed.

Here you do not fish in the murky waters

For the pro­duc­tion of the SEAWATER Cube, we install fil­ter com­pon­ents deve­lo­ped and paten­ted by us and coup­le them with pro­ven indi­vi­du­al com­pon­ents of aquacul­tu­re tech­no­lo­gy accord­ing to our cycle sche­me. The basis for our sea water in the SEAWATER Cube is initi­al­ly com­mer­ci­al tap water, which is one of the best con­trol­led foods in Ger­ma­ny. This is sal­ted with a spe­cial mine­ral mix­tu­re, the com­po­si­ti­on of which is based on that of the sea. The main cir­cu­la­ting pump feeds the water through the fil­ter units three times per hour, so that all resi­du­es are remo­ved wit­hout lea­ving any resi­due. As a result, the fish swim in clear water with “oce­an qua­li­ty” and have a habi­tat that is in no way infe­ri­or to the natu­ral one.

Sustainable and efficient

In addi­ti­on to the pro­duc­tion tank, the SEAWATER Cube com­pri­ses several phy­si­cal and bio­lo­gi­cal fil­ter sta­ges which remo­ve all par­ti­cu­la­te and dis­sol­ved resi­du­es from the pro­cess water wit­hout lea­ving any resi­due. The fil­ter tech­no­lo­gy of the clo­sed sys­tem cir­cuit is opti­mi­sed in such a way that only less than 1% of the pro­cess water has to be repla­ced every day. One part eva­po­ra­tes at the tank sur­face, ano­t­her part is dischar­ged from the fil­ters in the form of sludge. Apart from the salt con­tai­ned, this sludge is simi­lar to muni­ci­pal was­te­wa­ter and can be remo­ved from the sys­tem in an envi­ron­ment­al­ly safe man­ner. Fur­ther­mo­re, all ope­ra­ting sequen­ces wit­hin the plant are desi­gned for maxi­mum ener­gy savings. The auto­ma­ti­on solu­ti­on takes over the demand-ori­en­ted con­trol of the pumps and fil­ter units. As a result, our sys­tem uses scar­ce resour­ces spa­rin­gly and has no nega­ti­ve impact on the envi­ron­ment.

The advantages


With the help of the SEAWATER Cube, sea fish is now offe­red by local pro­du­cers. This avo­ids cost­ly, long and envi­ron­ment­al­ly dama­ging trans­port rou­tes from the coasts to the con­su­mer and con­ser­ves natu­ral resour­ces. You can con­vin­ce yours­elf of the opti­mal hus­bandry con­di­ti­ons and the out­stan­ding qua­li­ty on site.


During the con­struc­tion of the SEAWATER Cube, we recy­cle ship con­tai­ners, in other words alrea­dy exis­ting resour­ces after com­pre­hen­si­ve repro­ces­sing. All ope­ra­ting pro­ce­du­res wit­hin the plant are desi­gned for maxi­mum ener­gy savings. In addi­ti­on, the mate­ri­al uti­li­sa­ti­on of the clo­sed plant cycle is opti­mi­sed and the­re are prac­ti­cal­ly no nega­ti­ve influ­en­ces on the envi­ron­ment.


The SEAWATER Cube is equip­ped with effi­ci­ent bio­tech­no­lo­gy. Both the sophisti­ca­ted water tre­at­ment and the opti­mal hus­bandry con­di­ti­ons gua­ran­tee the well-being of the ani­mals and spe­ci­es-fri­end­ly bree­ding. The fish are not expo­sed to any stress and we com­ple­te­ly dis­pen­se with medi­ca­ti­on. As a result, the fish pro­duc­ts have the hig­hest fresh­ness and „sashi­mi qua­li­ty“, so they can be eaten raw.